The Pros and Cons of the 3X Pitching Velocity Camp - 3X Pitching Velocity Camp

The Pros and Cons of the 3X Pitching Velocity Camp

TopVelocity has changed the way that I look at pitching, from the biomechanics, the way of pitching, and how become healthy and stay that way. The decision to come to a TopVelocity 3X or 2X camp hopefully has come with a lot of research so that you have some clue of what you are getting yourself into, if not, the camp will without a doubt overwhelm you. It’s a ton of information that you have never heard before, followed by drills your have never tried, and a weightlifting approach that will truly test your body, all in the hopes of revealing your deficiencies.

This isn’t a ‘Hold-your-hand’, ‘Pat-you-on-the-back’ kind of camp, their goal is to show you what you lack so that they can show you where you can grow, and that’s how you improve but people will avoid that because people avoid working on things they aren’t good at. Odds are while attending a camp you will hear information and advice that will go totally against the grain and what you are use to hearing. These are the details that you will need to hear to really improve your performance though, too many players reach a wall that they can’t bust through and they don’t know why, Brent will assess your problems and tell you what you need to do to get better. That being said you may hear something you don’t particularly want to hear, you might have to work hard, you might have to sacrifice time with your friends, you might even have to take one of those four seasons of baseball you’re playing off to give your body and arm time to recover. 

At any point during any lecture, demonstration, or participation from the campers they are always open for questions from the campers themselves, their parents, or coaches. They understand that this is not the typical approach that you are going to be use to, and a lot, if not all of this information may be new to you and they want you to have the best understanding of the program before you leave. This is why after the camp you can stay and get a week of free training where someone at TopVelocity will walk you through the full days of the program to show you how it’s meant to be done when you go back home. You may also stay and train at their facility for as long as you like for free, surrounded by likeminded athletes passionate about making it to the next level in their baseball career.

In the time that I’ve been at TopVelocity I’ve seen gains from every single person that has stayed here or that I have been fortunate enough to stay in contact with throughout our journey. As of currently I’ve had an eight mile increase in my velocity in the months that I’ve been down here as my mobility, strength, power, speed, and mechanics have all improved. This is not an easy process, there are days where your body feels broken down, you feel weak, you feel so fatigued and it’s easy to get down on yourself but that’s when you have to push through and trust the process. Trusting the process is just like practice, you’re preparing your mind and body for the next level of competition similar to how you currently do for the team you play for just in a different way. The time you spend will be worth it when you realize that you are making yourself into the best athlete you can be. For me I’ve come such a long way, but I’m still nowhere near where I want to be, but I know the 3X program will get me there. I feel safe putting my faith in science, this program, Brent, and myself.


  • Where are your camps

    • Mainly here at the TopV Facility in southern Louisiana. Just north of New Orleans. Most players fly into New Orleans and drive 45 minutes north to facility.

  • Can players work out over the weekend after the first week, going into the second week? My son and I plan on flying from Dallas,Tx. For the 3 day camp of July 3-5 2021 & stay until the evening of Friday July 16th. To work on the program with you guys. My sons High School Team in Oklahoma, starts pre season workouts in early August. For the Fall Baseball season In Oklahoma. In Oklahoma High Schools that don’t play Football, play a Fall Baseball Season & playoffs with the OSSAA aka Oklahoma Secondary Schools Athletic Association.

    • Yes, you can stay and train as long as you want.

  • My son (Jeffrey Fernandes) is a 23 year old, with 2 years of eligibility and has 3 options since his College season was cancelled at Sonoma State. Take a full ride scholarship to East Valley College, North Dakota, go to your camp and see if he can improve on a 88 mph fastball, go to Sonoma State for scrimages in the spring and wait this out. He is a 6 year senior and is leaning towards taking his last 9 units online from Sonoma State, going to your camp and spending a month working on improving his velocity and with your support trying to play internationally or in an independent league. I was going to pay for this endeavor but need to know if there are accomadations avaiable and how your camp is structured for a long stay. He has a friend named Morgan Smith, who has gone to your camp, is a beleiver and trying to convice my son to go. I was aiming for the January 9th camp. Thanks.

  • Where is the camp? What are the prices, and when are your next camp dates?

    • Go to the home page here!

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